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Laser Hair Removal

Removing hair by shaving, pulling, or waxing often only lasts for a moment. Lately, many people have begun to try laser procedures to remove hair, because the results are proven to last longer. However, this procedure also saves some risks, such as skin redness and pain. The laser procedure for removing hair is done by emitting high-energy rays on the roots (follicles) of the hair. The energy from this laser beam is absorbed by the dye or melanin in the hair root, then converted into heat energy which damages the hair root itself. Usually it takes 2-6 times the laser procedure with a gap of several weeks, to be able to remove hair in the desired area perfectly. The laser does not remove hair permanently. Fur can grow back in a few months or several years. However, the hair that grows will be fewer, thinner, and not as dark as before. The laser action can be repeated when the hair grows back. Risk of Removing Hair with Laser Although relatively safe because it is not an invasive
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Is it Safe to Be Vegetarian when Pregnant

Being a vegetarian while pregnant does require special attention. The reason, pregnant women and fetuses in the womb requires a complete nutritional intake to stay healthy. Nutrition needs to be obtained from various types of food, including animal foods. Pregnant women are encouraged to consume a lot of nutrients, including protein, folate, iron, calcium, and various types of vitamins. Some nutrients are contained in fruits and vegetables, but some are more contained in animal foods, which are limited or not consumed by a vegetarian at all. Facts of Being Vegetarian when Pregnant Being a vegetarian while pregnant can actually be, but must be with full supervision by a doctor. Because, there are nutrients for pregnant women who are more commonly found in animal foods, such as beef, eggs, and fish. Limiting or not eating animal foods can increase the risk of pregnant women and fetuses experiencing nutritional deficiencies. One of the many nutrients contained in animal foods is

Children's Skin Disorders Can Start from the Foods consumed

Skin disorders in children, such as reddish rashes, can sometimes be caused by consumption of certain foods. Come, Mother, try to check what foods need to be given carefully to the Little One. Skin reactions can occur within minutes or within a few hours after a child eats certain foods. However, sometimes parents do not realize that their child is experiencing skin disorders due to food, and may think that this skin disorder is caused by something else, such as prickly heat. Recognizing and Overcoming Skin Disorders from Infant Food There are several foods that are known to often cause reactions in the form of skin disorders. It is important for Mother to recognize what foods need to be aware of, as well as any skin disorders that can be caused. Here are some examples of skin and food disorders that have the potential to cause them: Eczema (atopic dermatitis) About 30% of babies who experience eczema also experience allergies to certain foods. This is the reason Mother needs